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Preventative Healthcare Services:     No Hidden Fees      Access ALL Programs
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For pennies a day, you can take charge of your health.

Prescription Assistance:
Low Cost-
 No cost programs.

Up to 90% savings on medications.
Assisting financially disadvantaged individuals.
Pharmaceutical Co. backed programs
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Wellness and Preventative Care

Access Reduced Fee or Free Services:

Health Screenings
Wellness Therapy

Complete Health Analysis $90.
40-70% savings - FREE lab test reading
Analysis identifies conditions including: Liver disorders, diabetes, thyroid disease,anemia, leukemia.

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Exercise Performance Management
Become Your Own Personal Trainer (exercise, weight training, track personal wellness, workout templates)
Exercise Diary (exceed your limits and achieve the body you desire.)
Diabetes Management
(monitor & manage blood glucose, blood pressure, [systolic, diastolic and pulse] and weight - track calories, starches, fats and more.)
Allergy Guide (discover answers to food, environmental, animal, latex allergies, asthma and skin rashes.)
Improve Your Wellbeing
Physical & Mental Health  (personal development, anti-aging science and fitness breakthroughs)
Meditation  (ethereal experience)
Analyze Your Biorhythms (manage your life, fitness, mental ..accomplish more,
know your best cycles.)
For the Office
Stretch Breaks (improve your physical and mental efficiency)
Maintain Your Records
Keep all your health records safe
Support Education & Research

By purchasing any products or services on this website you are making a commitment to:
  • Supporting eliminating gaps in health care disparities by helping provide life saving health screenings to the underinsured and uninsured;

  • Providing opportunities for scholarship recipients to make significant contributions as Massage, Physical and Occupational Therapist.
  • Education Resource:
    Students, Healthcare Providers, Athletes

    Muscle and exercise cross-reference guides, anatomy charts, and updated health information.

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